Pictures of the Shutdown
Bent Booster door New beam switch boxes for MCR consoles New Muon Transport interlock map Recycler RF cavities
The shutdown begins with a bang New beam switch boxes for the consoles Transport enclosure new layout Recycler RF cavities
Beam Switch Sum Box by Michael Wren

The BSSB and switch boxes were replaced over the shutdown. They were both designed and built by Mark Austin. The primary reason for the upgrade is that the new switch boxes have spots for six new beam destinations including LBNF.

Operationally the new BSSB functions in a slightly different way that the old BSSB. Previously the BSSB would use the currently playing TCLK events to determine which beam scenario logic to enforce. In contrast the new BSSB listens to an MDAT frame transmitted from the TLG that instructs the BSSB on which beam scenario to use. And then as before it checks the beam permits, switches and TCLK events against that scenario. This means that TLG module makers will have to set the correct BSSB scenario in the module, otherwise the new BSSB will not permit beam on that module.

Transport Enclosures

The small enclosure within the old Transport enclosure is now known as Transport Mid. The upsteam and downstream ends of the old enclosure are known as Transport Upstream and Downstream.

Transport Upstream and Downstream will share an ESS and thus keys. Transport Mid will have its own ESS and keys. This means that beam may be run down the MI8 line while upstream and downstream are being accessed.

Operators will be able to secure upstream and downstream independently while the Mid enclosure is secure and beam is running in the MI8 line.

MI10 Enclosure

Main Injector now has a CDC and new enclosure to allow for BNB running while MI20-62 are being accessed. I:LAM10 R:LAM10, I:BS10, and R:BS10 are now protecting personnel in MI while BNB is runing.

Note that enclosures downstream of the MI10 enclosure formally protected by the Booster CDC will now be protected by the MI CDC.

Operations will have new switchoff procedures for MI20-62 and MI10 so keep a lookout for that soon.

Wiki Updates

Operations is now using a new interface for the OpsWiki. Check it out here.

There is lots of new content in the wiki. Go and explore, vet, and modify. Specifically check out:

Ops discovered that the wiki search can be added to the Firefox browser. We have set it as the default search in the MCR. You can add Call-In List and Elog search by visiting and clicking the appropriate link.

Specialists will be adding content to Shutdown 2016 as the shutdown winds down so keep an eye out for changes or watch the page to recieve emails when the page changes.

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